Keep Track of Your Online Reputation – 5 Great Tools

Good business is all about the customer, but how do you keep track of all the buzz surrounding your business? Troubleshooting and responding to online customer reviews is a great practice, but you’ll need a way to manage and spot what everyone is saying – and react in a timely manner. Let’s look at a […]

5 Tips For Effectively Marketing to Millennials

Most business experts agree that if you’re not already marketing to millennials, you should be. Millennials, or adults aged roughly 25-40, make up a significant chunk of the adult buying population. They are digitally literate, but there is such a diverse set of needs and interests that it can be hard to know where to […]

5 Steps to Creating a Winning Business

Many people have great business ideas, but they never get off the ground. Why is that? It’s because they only think about the product and don’t always think about the big picture — the brand. We’ve put together a way to help organize your thoughts and plan ahead so you can sell a winning brand […]

Feeling overwhelmed? 4 ways to stay productive

When you’re running a business you tend to wear a lot of hats. You’re often not just a manager—you’re also a bookkeeper, a customer service rep, a marketing guru, a mentor, and of course, a service provider. That being said, it’s totally easy to feel overwhelmed. So what can you do about it? We’ve put […]

Understanding the Customer Experience – Creating a New Strategy

It may seem obvious, but a business goes nowhere without customers. There’s an old adage that the customer is king, but we think that really means the customer experience is king. Creating an amazing customer experience is not only good for the customer, but it also means more money for your business. An American Express […]

Use Inbound Marketing to Nurture Leads

You’re an expert in your field. When you run your own business, you are backed by years of expertise and a talented staff, so why not show off a little? Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that uses a combination of blogs, social media campaigns, SEO, and other types of pull marketing that promise to […]

Use the Right Communication Tools to Convert Leads Into Customers

Lead generation is a necessary part of the sales cycle, and it’s the process of creating interest in a product or service and turning that interest into a sale, or conversion. So how do you communicate with these potential leads? We’ll get into the importance of communication as part of the sales funnel and how […]

Is SMS the key to the future of digital marketing?

An old-fashioned phone call is a tried and true means of communicating with your customers, but does it still work? The truth is, 92% of customer interactions still happen over the phone, but it’s not through cold calling. Phone communication is still great for keeping in touch with existing customers, but what do you do […]

Everything you need to know about customer lifetime value

Business owners have to consider the value of a single customer. We’re not talking about their value on a personal level (although those personal connections are important). We’re talking about the value on a transaction level. However, there’s more to customer value than one transaction. Ideally, you want that customer to come back for repeat […]

Want to lose customers? Don’t answer the phone!

Yes, phone communication is still important. In fact, 92% of customer interactions are still phone-based, and customers frequently turn to a phone call first when they need customer service. But what happens when you can’t get to the call? The unfortunate answer is that you could potentially lose a customer, but it could even go […]