A Complete Marketing and Sales Solution

The Frontline Strategy is a full-service and holistic way of conducting your business to achieve better results and decrease advertising.

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Answering Calls

Answering the phone in 30 seconds not only stops the scroll to your competition in that Google and Yelp search but it puts you in the position as the expert.

FAQ Database

Taking note of the customer communication in all forms helps prepare businesses from ongoing customer service and marketing content.

Welcome or Warming

If you make the sale or schedule the appointment, call and message to inform the customer - If you don't then send messages to build rapport

Reviews and Testimonials

This completes the loop by confirming your business has done the job of creating a satisfied customer and providing a good reference for all new customers.

Let's talk about what the Frontline Strategy looks like in your business

High Availability

Calls Messages Chat

We put your business out front and available to all inquiries on all channels that people expect to communicate with businesses.

Contant Communication

Calling and Messaging

We will send messages to keep in contact with all customers that schedule appointments and buy products so customers are sure to have a great experience and remove unpleasant surprises.

Gathering Feedback

Reviews and Research

Keeping in constant contact with customers generates questions to answer in the FAQ database and favorable reviews to inform new customers about the quality of a product or service.


Let's talk about what the Frontline Strategy looks like in your business

Revolutionize Your Lead Generation Process with Proven Strategies

You may be wasting money on your advertising campaigns without even realizing it. Why is this such a problem? Well, if you’re not capturing the attention of new customers or staying in contact with current customers, then you’re not doing enough to grow your business.

The fact is, if businesses don’t have a process in place to capture the attention of new customers by answering calls quickly or keep in contact with current customers businesses end up wasting a lot of money on ads and other lead generation activities.

If you’re like most businesses you try to answer all your calls right away. You try to schedule the appointment or sell the product. You probably don’t go much further than that. You don’t have a follow up process if you don’t schedule or sell the caller. You don’t have a process to keep in contact which ends up being just like catch and release – you let the caller go back into the wild.

Often not answering calls promptly or missing the calls not only frustrates customers but can also cost you business. Frontline Strategy has consecutive solutions that can help.

Welcome and Warming sequences help to ensure that all customers are retained regardless of whether they have scheduled or purchased with your company. This can help to create rapport and trust with those that have scheduled and purchased. For the ones that didn’t buy or schedule, warming messages help build trust and keep your company top of mind when the customer need products and services in the future.

Maintaining an FAQ database will facilitate faster responses from your customer support team answer common questions, inform future content for the various posts for marketing, and your warming email series.

Requesting reviews and feedback can help you inform prospective customers and keep you informed about the customers that didn’t have such a good experience so you can keep your processes improving. This can save you money in the long run by helping you to avoid reoccurring costly mistakes.

Building customer relationships with new quality leads, market research, and thorough lead-nurturing campaigns with real people through voice, SMS, email and other chat platforms.

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