Stopping A Leaky Sales Funnel

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In the world of marketing, every business has something called a ‘sales funnel’—whether you realize it or not. The sales funnel is simply a series of steps that a consumer goes through to ultimately become a paying customer.

When a prospective customer doesn’t follow through the funnel to completion, the industry refers to that as a sales funnel with holes or leaks. So, how do you keep those prospects and close the deal? Read more about ways to keep their attention (and how we can help).

Fast Customer Service

Customers want and expect high quality customer service. In an effort to save on resources, many businesses turn to automated service tools like chat widgets and the dreaded robo-phone. Responding to customer queries quickly keeps prospective customers in the sales funnel longer, and it shows that you are attentive to the needs of your clientele.

Our team can help manage your customer service needs on your behalf by responding to calls and questions quickly. The faster you respond, the more likely the prospect is going to stick with your business.

Make Relevant Offers

Stay in touch with prospects throughout the sales cycle, and make your business relevant to their needs. We can help your company stay in the loop by featuring valuable resources (like blogs and videos) with can’t-miss offers.

A potential customer, when presented with only so-so, vague content, is likely to move on to a different website or business listing to find more targeted information for their needs. To get the business flow of an expert company, you have to provide expert-level, relevant, targeted content—and that’s where we can come in.

Solve a Problem

In writing, there’s an adage called ‘show, don’t tell’, and that applies to the sales funnel as well. When it comes to closing the sale, you need to show the prospect that your product or service will solve a relevant problem. Don’t rely solely on a headline or ad—show the consumer through words, images, and multimedia content that you have the answer.

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Does managing the sales funnel sound like a lot of work? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to start a conversation on how we can stop that leaky funnel in its tracks and turn those leads into conversions.

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