The Ugly Side Of Automation

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On the other end of the phone, a suspiciously friendly but robotic voice says, “Is this information correct? Say ‘yes’ or press 1; say ‘no’ or press 2.”


“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that.”


Sound frustratingly familiar? The truth is, many businesses are trying to save money and time by using automated customer service tools such as chat widgets and AI conversations. It sounds good on the surface, but in actuality, customers end up more frustrated and probably don’t get their questions answered.

Interacting with these automated systems can put the customer in an endless holding pattern, coming back to the same questions over and over.

By the time the customer gets an answer to their question, you may be on your way to losing that customer permanently. In short, relying solely on automated customer service leads to frustration, and potentially poor online reviews and a damaged reputation.

Automated customer service tools use a combination of AI-based language and logic, which sounds great but means that complex questions can take a long time to answer, or the bot may give an incorrect answer. Worse, the bot could lead you to repeat questions, and then we’re back to that holding pattern.

Break free from automation—without breaking the bank

We get it—you’re busy. And who has time to train customer service representatives? You can keep your bots for the easy questions, but when it’s time to get into the nitty gritty, we can handle your customer service needs on your behalf.

No matter if it’s email, chat bot, or some other form of customer communication, our team will respond to customer queries in less than 30 minutes. Customers can say goodbye to having to repeat themselves over and over and say hello to, well, a real person!

By responding quickly, and by a live representative, customers will feel ‘heard’ and will leave the conversation with a resolution, and not get stuck in a robotic loop or have to wait on hold for hours.

Contact us today to get the conversation started.

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