Understanding the Customer Experience – Creating a New Strategy

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It may seem obvious, but a business goes nowhere without customers. There’s an old adage that the customer is king, but we think that really means the customer experience is king.

Creating an amazing customer experience is not only good for the customer, but it also means more money for your business. An American Express research survey showed that 86% of customers would pay more in exchange for a better customer experience.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience (sometimes known as CX in business jargon) refers to the feelings and interactions a customer experiences through the entire customer journey from prospect to consumer to referral and everything in between.

In fact, when the customer experience is positive, customers are more likely to return and become loyal regulars, and 49% of consumers have made impulse purchases as a result of a personalized customer experience.

Understand your consumer

The first step to creating a better customer experience is to really dig deep and understand the customer. What is the typical customer demographic? Do they research on Google? Do they use social media? If so, which platforms?

Knowing all of the ways your ‘typical customer’ takes in information and makes decisions will give you a foundation for how to create a better experience.

Connect on an emotional level

Part of CX means making a connection with your customers and prospects. That means attaching feeling to your products or services. Social media can be a great place to connect using a multimedia approach. When customers associate good feelings and memories with a product, they are more likely to make a new purchase or a repeat purchase.

Create targeted content

When you understand the customer, you can start creating content that has that emotional appeal we talked about, and it delivers what the customer wants. You have to think beyond relevant and create content that is useful as well.

Respond to feedback in real-time

Part of the customer experience is leaving reviews and giving feedback. Responding to those customer queries and consumer reviews shows that you are engaged, you are listening, and you value the customer.

Delaying on responding can easily lead to a customer looking elsewhere for a similar product or service.

Boost your customer service experience with the Frontline Strategy

The Frontline Strategy is a marketing process that involves handling customer service calls, following up on leads, and taking a multimedia approach in creating your social media campaign and more!

We take care of part of the customer journey so you can focus on improving your products and services. Contact us today to get started.

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