Use the Right Communication Tools to Convert Leads Into Customers

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Lead generation is a necessary part of the sales cycle, and it’s the process of creating interest in a product or service and turning that interest into a sale, or conversion. So how do you communicate with these potential leads?

We’ll get into the importance of communication as part of the sales funnel and how to streamline lead nurturing.

Phone and text

The old-fashioned phone call still has its place, but if you happen to miss a phone call from a potential customer, you could lose them. Sending a text, on the other hand, yields some pretty promising results.

Most text messages are opened within minutes, which is astounding. It’s possible to set up a campaign where if you miss connecting with a customer, you can send a follow-up text right away.

Phone answering services can also lift some of the burden off your shoulders for when you aren’t able to get to the phone in time.

Who has time for that?

Never miss a call again

Think of a missed call as a lost sale, but we have a process by which you never have to miss a call again.

With the Frontline Strategy, we can work on lead generation on your behalf, through social media campaigns, content development, and customer service. We’ll stay along side your customers at every step of the journey until they get your product or service.

We’ll answer your calls, coordinate your text campaigns, and help generate leads and turn them into customers. You can go to lunch guilt-free, knowing customer calls will get answered and leads can be nurtured without you even trying!

Contact us today to get started.

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